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    FAMILIAR STRANGERS Tattoo Studio (Singapore) established last year, is one kind of Singapore’s Highest Rated Tattoo Studio with Hundreds of thousands of Followers. Our tattoo artists serves everyone with passion, sincerity and hospitality. We just make high quality tattoos and now we care for our clients because reputation is our best asset. We’re accountable for our works, if any client isn’t 100% satisfied with his/her tattoo created by our resident tattooists, we’re going to redo it no cost. Were charging our clients reasonable rates and certainly well-worth for the quality tattoos restore received, as well as it is done in a sterilized and cosy environment.

    We specializing in Japanese & Oriental Tattoos, Polynesian Samoan & Maori Tribal Tattoos, Black & Grey works, American Traditional Tattoos, Realism Tattoo, Animal Portraits, Font Word Tattoos and Old Skool Flash Works. We’ll tattoo most kind of tattoos upon request, coming from a small word tattoo on the wrist to some Japanese Irezumi body suit, we all do all this.

    If you required an individualized excellent tattoo that you wanted to cherish for the rest of your daily life we have been the Tattoo Studio that you should be tattooed in Singapore !

    The best tattoo shops will be very welcoming and glad to really get your business. Whenever you meet a tattoo artist they must be very friendly and so they shouldn’t be looking to intimidate you, at no time whenever they come up with you have a certain design. By no means when the artist try to go on that you get a more costly design should you be right after getting something small.

    Over doing sales and being too pushy are routine problems with most businesses. Tattoo parlors should be available to what you would like and have a friendly manner. More capable tattoo artists will give you there opinions nonetheless they shouldn’t try and force tattoos on you. If the tattoo artist thinks there exists gonna be some sort of downside to your design or thinks they can make a move to higher the structure he’ll almost certainly tell you.If they can save you money the more effective tattoo artist will be quick to let you know.

    Prior to you making your final decision where tattoo shop you are likely to, you can even examine out precisely what is on hand and weigh up your options. High scale tattoo shops will certainly run you more cash, more then other shops, however this isn’t surprising as they will likely keep there studio cleaner then other shops. Necessities such as best shops on earth with sparkling clean floors and spotless interiors. The tattoo artists over these parlors have become careful about maintaining your shop neat and clean things every chance they get.

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