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PVC or aluminum gates: how to choose?

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    The purchase of a portal is an investment for several years. Today, the new gate models offer remarkable finishes, trendy colors and amazing designs. But the criterion on which we usually spend a lot of time is the material. Your gate can be made of PVC, aluminum, wood or wrought iron. The most popular materials being PVC and aluminum, here are some tips to choose well.

    The PVC gate with stainless steel frame: the choice of quality!

    The PVC gate is lightweight, easy to maintain and successfully withstands all climates. It is also the preferred material in seaside areas. On the market, you will find many PVC models of different qualities. Beyond the quality of the material itself, there are PVC models with an aluminum frame, others with a stainless steel frame. This detail will make all the difference because the frame is the backbone of your gate.

    Be aware that the welded stainless steel frame is the best choice!

    Why? Stainless steel by definition is a stainless material. It therefore resists humidity and brings perfect rigidity to your gate. In short, with a stainless steel frame for your PVC gate, you will be quiet for many years!

    Aluminum gates, for all styles

    Aluminum is a very popular material for gates because it adapts to all styles. Unalterable and robust, it offers great resistance over time. In this range, you will have at your disposal a wide choice of colors and styles very different depending on whether you opt for a welded or assembled aluminum model.

    And which engine?

    When you make your purchase, you may be tempted to install an engine system. Garage remote control provides a great deal of convenience on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help you choose the right engine:

    Opening your gate: There are different products depending on whether your gate is swinging or sliding.
    The ground: it is generally not recommended to install an automated system on sloping ground.
    The weight of your gate: it must be taken into account when choosing a suitable motor power.
    The type of electrical connection in place.

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